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Hong Kong has a very well-developed health system. The Hospital Authority (HA) oversees the public health system and manages Hong Kong’s public hospitals, clincs, and community outreach services. They are in good standard but they can be very busy. If you are not assessed as emergent you might wait for hours to see a doctor. Hong Kong Identity Card holders enjoy public health care and treatment at very low costs.

The private system runs alongside the public system. It is much expensive the the public one but it offers a higher standard of care. Usually, waiting times are shorter in private facilities, you can choose you doctor, and comforts such as private and semi-private rooms are widely available.

There are 50 public hospitals and 12 private hospitals in Hong Kong.
There are also many polyclinics which offer fundamental and additional services such as dentistry.

Hong Kong Facts and Figures

Population (2013): 7,184,000
Life expectancy : 85 years (women)
83 years (men)
Birth rate : 1.11 births per woman
Beds : 5 per 1,000 people
Doctors : 1.8 per 1,000 people

Certification in Hong Kong

All doctors must register as medical practitioners with the Medical Council of Hong Kong. Except the graduates from the University of Hong Kong and the Chinese University of Hong Kong, all graduates from other medical schools who want to work as doctors in Hong Kong are required to pass the Council’s Licensing Examination and complete a period of pre-registration internship training and assessment. For more detail, please visit here.

Working in Hong Kong

Foreign doctos can apply through the General Employment Policy to work in Hong Kong. Non-residents who work in Hong Kong are liable to salaries tax. The severance payments, long service payments and jury fees are not chargable. For more detail, please visit here.

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