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Scientific Officer (Medical), Pathology Contract 合約

Scientific Officer (Medical), Pathology –

20 Aug 2015
Job Description
Company Details

Job Description

Office :

Microbiology Laboratory, Department of Clinical Pathology, Pok Oi Hospital

Pay :

HK$48,628 to HK$116,468 per month (including Monthly Allowance) (See Remarks 11)

[HGPS Point 25 to 44]

Key Responsibilities :

The Scientific Officer (Medical) shall be responsible to the Chief of Service (Pathology) in performing the following duties :

Primary Duties :

1.Test development and research.

2.Quality assurance.

3.In-house training for technical staff and junior Medical and Health Officers.

4.Contribute to service provision and signing out of laboratory reports in some specialties.

Complementary and Supportive Duties :

1.Participate in the management of laboratory.

2.Assess new equipment and technology which may be applied to HA.

3.Advise clinicians on appropriate tests to perform and interpretation of results.

Entry Requirements :

Either one of the following qualifications :


(a)A Master’s degree in clinical science subject from a local university or equivalent.

(b)A degree in an appropriate subject related to the sub-specialties in Pathology from a local university or equivalent and 2 years’ experience.

Preferred Attributes / Exposure :

1.Experience in Clinical Microbiology Laboratory and Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory predominately providing service to hospital inpatients

2.Liaison skills for clinical problems and analytical sciences.


4.Commitment to patient care in planning laboratory services.


6.Interpersonal skills.

How to Apply

For All Applicants

1.Applicants are required to submit an Action Plan of not more than 1,500 words under the following topic on or before the application deadline. Please specify word count at the end of the Action Plan and those content beyond the word limit may not be considered.

“Incorporation of Advanced Technologies in Routine Microbiology Service”

2.Published materials/theories quoted from other sources which are not originated from the candidate should be properly cited in the submitted paper. Assessment will only be made on the part of the written submission which is originated from the candidate.

3.The essay is a part of the selection process. If you do not submit the essay, your application will not be considered.

4.Applicants may be invited to attend a written test before the interview.

5.Selected candidate will be posted to work/serve in any hospitals of NTWC depending on operational need.

6.The Cluster supports staff career development and treasures staff's career aspiration. Job rotation, on-the-job training and continuous professional development program would be designed for the selected candidate.

7.May be required to work shifts and irregular hours as well as to perform on-call duties.


For Serving HA Staff

8.The selected candidate will be offered either contract or fixed term appointment for up to 3 years depending on his/her existing employment terms.

9.Serving contract employee will be offered contract employment with an up to 15% of total basic salary (after deducting the contribution of Mandatory Provident Fund by Hospital Authority) as end-of-contract gratuity upon completion of the contract with satisfactory performance.

10.Serving permanent employee will be offered a fixed term appointment after which the employee may be reverted back to his/her former substantive rank.

11.The offer of salary and allowance (Cash Allowance, Fixed-flexi Allowance or Monthly Allowance) for serving employees upon changes in appointment will be determined based on the remuneration package/employment terms of the staff concerned and prevailing policies.


For External Applicants

12.Appointment will be on contract terms for a period up to 3 years. Up to 15% of total basic salary (after deducting the contribution of Mandatory Provident Fund by Hospital Authority) as end-of-contract gratuity may be offered upon completion of contract with satisfactory performance.

Please submit application on-line on or before 28 August 2015. For enquiries, please telephone at 3767 7301.

Job Categories: Doctor / Practitioner / Surgeon 醫生/ 執業醫生 / 外科醫生. Job Types: Contract 合約. Salaries: 80,000 - 100,000.


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Scientific Officer (Medical), Pathology

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