HealthCareersAsia.com was launched in as a part of Media Chinese Group.  Sharing a background with the most significant Hong Kong and Asia Pacific media portals in town, it quickly became one of the leading Health Jobs site in Hong Kong.

With our continuing mission to meet and exceed the expectations of jobseeker, employers and recruiters, HealthCareersAsia.com offers a user-friendly interface and a powerful, flexible and intelligent search engine.  It gives high-flying graduates and seasoned senior executives or health professionals quick access to a wealth of exciting health job opportunities from government, private hospitals, clinics, specialist centres, laboratories, rehabilitation centres to drug stores.

We are a Member of Media Chinese Group (Listed on HKSE:00685 & KLSE: 5090) with international Print and Digital Media presence.

To be the leading job portal in the Asia Region focusing on HealthCare Jobs complement our publishing business within the group.

To be the preferred Healthcare Job Portal in the region providing job opportunities to both the qualified young and experienced professionals in the Health Sector providing quality healthcare services.